In response to global initiatives addressing climate change and carbon reduction, the company has implemented an energy management system, such as the "Office Water, Electricity, and Paper Management Regulations," to reduce consumption in these areas. These regulations contribute to environmental protection and sustainable development by minimizing natural resource consumption, reducing environmental burdens, protecting ecosystems, and decreasing carbon emissions. From the company's perspective, these regulations help lower associated costs, conserve resources, and enhance operational efficiency and financial sustainability. For employees, this fosters awareness of environmental protection and climate change, inspiring their engagement and action towards sustainable development. Through the internal energy management system, a green and sustainable corporate culture can be established.


During the COVID-19, the company has not implemented any layoffs and continues to provide fair and reasonable compensation and benefits. It prioritizes the working conditions, safety, and health of employees, offers training and development opportunities, and cultivates a diverse and inclusive work environment.

The company actively participates in community affairs (during the pandemic, key company personnel provided masks and rice to the community under personal capacity) and supports local community development. It extends support to education, culture, public health, and other domains.


The company has established a transparent governance structure and procedures, ensuring accuracy and timeliness in information disclosure, and compliance with ethical standards and regulatory requirements.

The company continuously optimizes the board structure to enhance independence and diversity (as of September 2023, there has been an increase in the proportion of female directors). It has independent directors and regulatory mechanisms to ensure board independence and diversity, establishing effective oversight mechanisms to prevent abuse of power and improper conduct.